In the Salt Lake City neighborhood known as "The Avenues" is the amazing Salt Lake City Cemetery. I read somewhere that there was over 150,000 graves their! Since I live so close to it, and the weather is absolutely beautiful, I have decided to start an amazing project I would like to call "The Midnight Project."

Over the course of the spring, summer and fall, or, until it gets too cold and snowy to visit the cemetery I am going to embark on a remarkable and wonderful journey.

I am going to make a map of this beautiful cemetery with coordinates to find specific graves. I will also post pictures of certain headstones that I find intriguing and or beautiful. Also, my biggest hope, is that when I find a headstone that I particularly enjoy, I want to find the story of the person who is buried their. I want to know about that person. Who they were, what the did, how they died and most of all, I want to see what I can learn from them!

I guess I am weird, but, when I am in a cemetery I feel an overwhelming feeling of reverence. To me it is almost spiritual to be there. Being around thousands of people who have come and gone from this life. People who lived and experienced life, and learned from their experiences.
I want to know their stories, and I want to learn from them.

I guess being in a cemetery just puts everything into perspective for me. It makes me really see that my life isn't going to last forever and one day I am going to be in that ground with a just a stone to mark my name. I want to know that before I am there, that I learned from those who came before me. I want to know that I lived my life to the limit. I want to know that I loved with all my heart. I want to know that I did all that I could to accept and love everyone and everything, no matter what differences might present themselves. Basically, I want to know that I lived and I want to tell my story, through the voices of the past. And hopefully through my project, I can give some people who have passed the chance to tell their story.

I can't wait and I am so excited for this awesome adventure.

Thanks for listening.




A poem.

Why can't they see
Who I really am?
Why doesn't it matter?

When did they decide
How I should live my life?
When did they chose
What was right and wrong?

Why is this out of my control?
Why is this so hard?
When will it stop?
When will I be equal?

Who will change this?
Who will silence their hateful words?
When will the narrow minded
look at a brighter future?

A future where everyone lives.
A future where everyone loves.
A future where we appreciate

Where do I go from here?
How do I fight for my life?
How do I fight for my rights
Without hurting the ones I love?

What will it take to gain victory
Over the mindless arrogance
Of those "chosen" to enforce "Gods" law?

How can I show them that I
Am wonderful and amazing
And deserving of their love?

And WHY?!?!
Why do I have to prove it
In the first place?

I am angry.
I am hurt.
I am ready to fight the war.

I am ready to be a pioneer
To all those that will come after me
And fight for their freedom!
And I am greatful
For all those who faught before me.

When will this injustice stop?

Today, it stops with me.

Tomorrow, it stops for all!


The Party

So, I haven't written here forever... oh well, I will start again. I am at work now and I had no idea I had access to this website from work! This will be a wonderful filler for my down time here. Before I thought that I only had access to two websites from work, those being deseretnews.com and ksl.com. Both of these sites are local news sites. The thing that I hate about them is how completely biased they are. Isn't the news supposed to be unbiased??? It is so frustrating to get my "factual" information from the far right winged republican media. And I am not just saying republicans do this, so do the democrats. I really feel like I can't trust any form of the media because they just skew the information in the favor of their respected party. George Washington said that political parties would destroy America!!! Boy was he right. Why can't we all just stand united as Americans instead of bashing and hating each other. Why is it that when the president is from our party he is perfect, but when he is not, we root for him to fail, which in essence is rooting for your country to fail! I wish we could just abolish this foolish party system we have here and elect our governors and political leaders by their opinions and beliefs, not what party they are from??? Anyway, for now I will hope and pray that president Obama will lead our country well and get us out of this mess! And that statement is coming from someone who voted for Senator McCain!

Thanks for listening



The Beginning

So I finally decided to start my own blog. This is a very exciting thing for me! I love to tell stories and freely give my opinion on almost any topic. If I could help, or change a single life life for the better by something this simple, I would feel wonderful. Or, I don't even have to change lives, but having someone smile by just reading one of my posts would be gratifying as well.

I will give you a brief history. I am 21 years old and was born and raised in Utah. I grew up in the small town of Hyrum that is about 78 miles north of Salt Lake City. I grew up in a medium size family (4 children, I am the oldest) and a very large extended family! Obviously I was raised Mormon... very Mormon. The day after I graduated (3 days after turning 18) I moved to Salt Lake City to live my life the way I wanted to. Free. Non Mormon. And Gay. Growing up Mormon I always felt like I was a horrible, evil person for being Gay. Finally, I owned up to who I was and realized that I was born this way, and I should live my life the best I can! At first, as you can imagine, the family wasn't very happy. Through a lot of growing and stretching, we have come to learn that we can still coexist, and love each other, although our lifestyles don't completely match.

I have been in a committed relationship with the same man for 3 years now. We have been through some amazing times, and some not so amazing times! Overall, however, I know we love each other. We live downtown Salt Lake City and both work for the states largest Credit Union. We live in an area known as "The Avenues." It is a wonderful place and I absolutely love it here. I love that Utah has four distinct and wonderful seasons. I love it's size (but I wouldn't mind if it got bigger) and I love the wide variety of things to do here.

Overall, I am just a normal, average person, who works to make ends meet, works to have fun and hopes to live a good life! I am excited for what the future holds and look forward to it. I love to cook and make up my own recipes. I love sports and I am infatuated with college basketball and high school football. I love dancing and creating... I am very artistic. I also love being with my family and friends who I love so much. Here is to the beginning of a wonderful relationship with cyberspace, where I can hopefully meet some interesting, wonderful, opinionated, free thinking new friends.

Thanks for listening-