A poem.

Why can't they see
Who I really am?
Why doesn't it matter?

When did they decide
How I should live my life?
When did they chose
What was right and wrong?

Why is this out of my control?
Why is this so hard?
When will it stop?
When will I be equal?

Who will change this?
Who will silence their hateful words?
When will the narrow minded
look at a brighter future?

A future where everyone lives.
A future where everyone loves.
A future where we appreciate

Where do I go from here?
How do I fight for my life?
How do I fight for my rights
Without hurting the ones I love?

What will it take to gain victory
Over the mindless arrogance
Of those "chosen" to enforce "Gods" law?

How can I show them that I
Am wonderful and amazing
And deserving of their love?

And WHY?!?!
Why do I have to prove it
In the first place?

I am angry.
I am hurt.
I am ready to fight the war.

I am ready to be a pioneer
To all those that will come after me
And fight for their freedom!
And I am greatful
For all those who faught before me.

When will this injustice stop?

Today, it stops with me.

Tomorrow, it stops for all!

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