The Party

So, I haven't written here forever... oh well, I will start again. I am at work now and I had no idea I had access to this website from work! This will be a wonderful filler for my down time here. Before I thought that I only had access to two websites from work, those being deseretnews.com and ksl.com. Both of these sites are local news sites. The thing that I hate about them is how completely biased they are. Isn't the news supposed to be unbiased??? It is so frustrating to get my "factual" information from the far right winged republican media. And I am not just saying republicans do this, so do the democrats. I really feel like I can't trust any form of the media because they just skew the information in the favor of their respected party. George Washington said that political parties would destroy America!!! Boy was he right. Why can't we all just stand united as Americans instead of bashing and hating each other. Why is it that when the president is from our party he is perfect, but when he is not, we root for him to fail, which in essence is rooting for your country to fail! I wish we could just abolish this foolish party system we have here and elect our governors and political leaders by their opinions and beliefs, not what party they are from??? Anyway, for now I will hope and pray that president Obama will lead our country well and get us out of this mess! And that statement is coming from someone who voted for Senator McCain!

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